Sunday, May 19, 2013

Making & sewing on different nose shapes for your puppet

Hi all, I have an order for 10 indigenous puppets and they are coming along nicely.... Ive been sewing on noses adding eyes and I'm now working on the hair..... but today's post is all about noses! 
For a puppet that is intended to look human I like to shape the noses to give them some more character. I like to have a play with different shapes and pop the patterns away for another build. Below will be some free nose patterns and video tutorials on how I make these. 

 If you are in Australia now is the time to pick up some great specials on puppet building supplies ..... for the skins I use Husky plain polar fleece and at the moment its down to only $3.59 a meter. Over these cooler months this seems to come on and off discount price. Also look out for different fibers for their hair. I also found this great little cotton/bobbin rack to sit on the table while sewing and they stay put instead of rolling off my work bench!

Any way I hope this has inspired you. Be sure not to miss my up coming posts by becoming a follower and subscribing .... I have tutorials coming on eyes, hair and a puppet storage rack!
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