Monday, August 26, 2013

Puppet sales

Hi all, I have three finished puppets for sale ..... here's my blurb ;)

I make for your enjoyment  quality performance Muppet style puppets hand made from all new materials.   fleece, foam, felt, thin board, hot & contact glue, thread, plastic eyes, faux fur, cotton material & poly fill.
these puppets measure 45cm long from head to lower body and 25cm across the shoulders.
For your ease I have added  an inner sleeve to all my puppets allowing your hand to slip in and out  without feeling  that annoying inner foam body.  My own label is sewn inside each one.  Please remember this is a performance puppet and NOT a toy !
I recommend you store your puppet in a pillow case straight after a performance to keep it dust free.
Avoid touching the face to keep it free of dirty marks  (tip) you could scotch guard your puppet for easy cleaning. (material skin only!)
These three puppets come undressed. when you dress your puppet please choose a size 1-2 children's clothing.
These puppets can be used in many ways... outreach, in school drama classes, as a communication aid tackling some tricky issues, School teachers class room aid, in hospitals, nursing homes, storytelling for Librarians, or just for the grandparents to entertain their grand kids or big kids alike. Drop me a line and let me know some of your ideas on how you would use a puppet!
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For sales and If you would like a special order or a particular look please Inbox me or contact me at

these are the three for sale....

They are $70 each and $17.00 P&H within Australia. Email me to make payment by PayPal. If you are somewhere else in the world and would love one please send me an email and I can take the puppet to the post office and get a true estimate on what it would cost to post your way !! thanks

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Making puppet hair with odd shaped fur scraps

HI all, as promised here is my post on making puppet hair with odd shaped fur scraps. I bought these from a lady off Esty.... you can do a search.... there are quite a few different sellers to choose from. So what I wanted to show was how to glue those odd shapes to make great looking hair. This is just one of many ways depending on the size and shape of your scrap pieces.

Basically I just took a piece of fur from the bag of scraps ..... it was an odd sized triangle which works great as you can turn this into a cone shape and get some height into the hair without the fur being long. The longer black and yellow hair in the pic above were also triangle shaped but just glued on as is. Find the grain of the fur so it naturally runs from front to back as hair would. Hot glue the chosen front and side edges then glue remaining edges together to form a cone like shape. With your front section chosen glue to your puppets head. Ive added a picture tutorial and video below which you may also find helpful. Happy Puppeting!

here is a pic of my latest shipment of fur scraps!How fun do they look! I'm so excited because we just don't get anything like this here in Australia.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making black edging on spoon eyes for your puppet

HI all, its been a little while since my last post and I have finally finished my three blue puppets which have been on my rack blind and hairless for some time..... I know.... a little depressing hey! well they now have sight and are a tad warmer on top.... so I wanted to share with you how I made the black borders around my spoon eyes, always wanted to try this .... here is my version, it's really easy so lets get started!
To start you will need some finished spoon eyes, click here and see my previous post on how to make these. Cut two pieces of felt larger than the eyes. Using the safety eye backing make an indent into the felt to mark the spot and cut a small hole for the backing to go through. Use cold quick drying glue on the inside of the eye and place the felt over the eye back pushing it all down into the cup of the eye. Let it dry then with some sharp material scissors cut a 1/8" border all the way around. Keep in mind when you choose the width of the eye border the material on your puppet may puff around the black border to make it look a little thinner. Some of the above plastic spoon eyes were trimmed before I did my black edging just to give them all a different look. Here is my link on how to attach safety eyes. 
And that's all there is to it! I loved how they turned out! so much more definition and expression with a touch of cartoon!  stay tuned for my next post on how to use fur scraps as hair! don't forget to subscribe, check out my video & give them a try...... enjoy :)

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