Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby hand and feet tutorials and pattern info

Hi all, here are my videos and patterns on how I make my baby arm, hand, leg & feet! They are a part of my modifications to a complete pattern that I cannot give out or sell for reasons explained in my last post. To receive my modified pattern parts you can make a donation of $2.00 to help keep VR Puppets running. This will come to you as a PDF download... please use PayPal. This can easily be adapted to your own body pattern.Watch the free instructional videos and have some pupperting fun! Don't forget to subscribe here and press like on my Face Book page so you won't miss a thing :)

Baby puppet Arm, hand, leg & foot pattern $2.00

and a last thought
My steps have held fast to Your paths.
 My feet have not slipped.
Psalms 17:5

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Unknown said...

God Bless. What a wonderful job. I came across this by searching for hand puppets that I make for shelters for abused woman whose children are with them and are traumatized. I feel the puppets will become their friend and they will be able to let out their family;s. Do you do hand puppets? I have run out of ideas. :)